Sensei David Gonzalez

Sensei David Gonzalez first started his fitness journey through Martial Arts 12 years ago. With Respect, Self-Discipline and Hardwork, he has reached the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in American Martial Arts*. Backed by a strong Martial Arts background, he has continued his learning in the arts of Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ and Muy Thai. Throughout his many years of training, he always loved teaching/training others. So much, he went on to become a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. Backed with the worlds leading supplemental provider Herbalife, He has helped thousands of people reach their nutritional, wellness, weight and fitness goals via hands on training and online training. Combining the latest techniques in personal training and MMA Strength & Conditioning, Sensei David has been known to "Achieve the Impossible". Currently holding an outstanding 100% success rate, he's looking forward to helping you acknowledge your limits and help you blast past them!

American Karate

American Karate is a generic term generally referring to an eclectic martial art system that employs cross-training with more traditional martial art styles identifying themselves as a form of Karate. As such, American Karate incorporates the various aspects of many forms that were most important to their founding practitioners. American Karate take what it perceives as the best of the art from traditional East Asian martial arts. American Karate by its own nature focuses primarily on the "sporting aspects" relying on and obtained through sparring. In practical terms, sparring is offered to assist the student by demonstrating the physical and mental relationship of their action to their opponent's response and again, back to their counter strike, or evasive maneuver. American Karate generally tends to employ a less formal, or traditional approach to the self-defense regimen. Forms, or Katas are usually also taught in most American Karate schools and Kata themselves are often used as a means of sports competition.